Neolithic Revolution: Why Was It Important?

The Neolithic Revolution was important because it was the first agricultural revolution. It transformed hunting and gathering into agriculture and settlement. Also, a millennium later it developed the small and traveling hunting groups into sedentary societies in built-up villages and cities. This revolution also birthed a storage method called irrigation that allowed large amounts of the substance to be easily stored. Also, because of all these new inventions it provided a stable community for high population, more jobs, trade, government, and political structures. You can say that the agricuturalh-and-g-lg1 transition was the most remarkable from the Neolithic Revolution. the beginning of the argriculture spread started anywhere from 10,000 years ago to 2,500 B.C.. It helped build a more stable society and stationary towns. Along with the domestication of animals and plants. If the Neolithic Revolution never happened, the world would be horrible today.


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